How to bring up parents

How to bring up parents

Generation gap can be different, but most often parents bring up sons and daughters, proving the exclusive case and authority. And that if to turn a situation and pedagogical duties to assign to the child... Interestingly? Let's try.


1. Very first that you, being a child, have to understand, is that parents are very vulnerable and vulnerable people. Any your rash word, roughness and a smile can offend them. Therefore try to avoid similar manifestations, with them be accurate.

2. It is known that children in a sense are reflection of the parents, but also parents also arrive specularly, unconsciously copying actions of the child. Therefore if you want to cultivate patience in the relatives, mutual respect, trust and honesty, arrive in the same way: be patient and valid to them, trust and remain honest in any situation.

3. Stop something proving to the parent, to assert the rights and freedoms for everything that is only possible. For example, you want to go to the friend, but mother for one reason or another forbids you it. You should not shout that it is your life, and you has the right to dispose of it. In reply you will face or the same despotic reaction, or tears.

4. Instead of rolling of scenes learn to talk. Any misunderstanding can be allowed an open and quiet conversation which not only will lead to a positive outcome, but also will present both of you an invaluable lesson on the future. Parents will see in you the adult and wise person and unconsciously will begin to behave also.

5. Learn to get up to the place of the parents. When at you it turns out, you will understand that not only you have global unsolvable problems, but they are available also for others. Over time your relatives, feeling support and understanding, will manage to look at the world with your eyes, to learn to respect you and to listen.

6. Be not afraid to defend the position and the opinion. But a smysloobrazuyushchy part such is that it is not always necessary to do it at crisis and turning points when already not to avoid other reaction. It will be gradually more correct to disclose the vital views, interweaving these small lessons for parents into daily activity.

7. And the most important thought is that it is necessary to study in common. To have the right someone to learn, it is necessary to be the most rather adult and developed personality. In a word, bringing up parents, do not forget to bring up also yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team