How to bring up teenagers

How to bring up teenagers

Education – labor-intensive process at any age of the child. But all know that as soon as children grow up, management process and education to become heavy. At teenage age the child is in especially difficult situation when it any more not the child, but also not the adult. Its attempts to be defined, often are followed by the conflicts with parents.

At process of education of the teenager, first of all, it is necessary to understand that now it needs to be perceived as he wants it. But there is a special subtlety. Let the teenager think that you completely apprehended him in his new manner of behavior which changes quite often, but should not guess that you try to bring up it.

First of all you have to gain his trust. On trust not only the love, but also all human relations is under construction. It is extremely necessary for the teenager. At its age secrets and private life begin to appear. There is no need to find out all this at it. If the child trusts you, then he will tell and to share impressions. It is not necessary to condemn its actions categorically and strictly. It will push away him from you. Try to give advice.

Even if after yours councils, the teenager will arrive differently, and will fail, then it is not necessary to blame him and to reproach. The child begins to study on the mistakes therefore calm him and tell the example from life. Gradually he will begin to listen to your councils and to subconsciously give in to education.

Often teenagers do not understand that why they need any given action. They think that they know everything and as the world is arranged, but actually it not so. Receiving consequences of the actions, he blames all, except himself. It is necessary to impart to him responsibility for the actions. Talk to him about it, but do not moralize. Try to conduct the weakening conversation, and then the child will be frank. Tell him about the experience of teenage life. It is desirable where you made mistakes, and how you corrected them. Place emphasis that you were helped by parents. Then the child will obey you and his education will take place more smoothly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team