How to bring up the good son

How to bring up the good son

The father and mother at whom the boy was born want him to grow up the real man. That is became brave, strong, responsible, hardworking. That it could by the right be considered as hope, a support, protection in own family when creates it. At the same time, parents dream that their offspring always remained the good son: loving, careful, attentive. These are clear and natural desires, they only come true not always. A lot of things depend on education here.


1. Unfortunately, there is a lot of mistakes in education of boys. It occurs for many reasons: owing to crisis of the institution of the family, because of belittling of a role of the man in modern society, etc. Therefore remember that it is impossible to bring up the boy at all as the girl. More gross blunder it is difficult even to present. Alas, exactly it is often allowed by lonely mothers. They with persistence, worthy the best application, literally "smother" in sons any manifestations of male character: independence, activity. And then are indignant: "And how he only grew up it the wuss?"

2. Try always and in everything to be an example for the son. Remember that the child as if a sponge literally absorbs everything that sees and hears. For example, the father explains to the son that it is necessary validly, politely to belong to girls, and immediately because of some trifle roughly shouts at mother. Whether I pound from the correct words of the father much? The effect will be opposite: the boy will decide that adults cannot be trusted.

3. Remember that to any boy, even, the aggression is genetically peculiar to the quietest and well-mannered. The man initially was a hunter, the getter. If you, for example, learned that the son fought, it is not necessary to abuse at once him, to demand a solemn promise that he any more will never fight. At least, at first quietly sort out because of what everything in general occurred. Maybe he was only protected or interceded for the girl who on his eyes was offended. In this case praise the son.

4. At the same time, struggle with excessive aggression. Inspire in the son: it is necessary to use force only when it is really necessary. The reasonable person will try to manage words.

5. Accustom the boy to work since small years. Try to find to it some feasible class in the house, but without coercion. Instead explain how its help to mother and father is important, you praise, without stinting kind words: "You at us such the clear head, such diligent!" In every possible way encourage his desire to make something. Even if at the beginning it does not turn out as it is necessary, it is important that wanted.

6. In a word, always you treat the son with reasonable insistence, but never give him an occasion to doubt that you very much love it. Here then almost for certain he will grow up good!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team