How to bring up the ideal man

How to bring up the ideal man

Here several councils how it is correct to bring up the real man from the son. They will be useful if you cannot decide on the right direction in education.


1. The father or any other man has to be an example for the boy, worthy to be this example. It is not in an environment? Think up it. The example for imitation can be found in fairy tales, movies or cartoons. Only do not forget to filter the list of heroes. It is better to do without modern fighters and comics. Musketeers and knights - the main fighters for the truth will be ideal idols. Why man? Business here not in femininity of mother, and that men and women place different priorities in education. Men encourage inquisitiveness.

2. The boy has to feel like the man. Buy to him the corresponding toys. All its things have to be quiet flowers, bright is for girls. Accustom the child to homework, he has to at least try to hammer a nail independently. And not just like that, namely when it will be necessary.

3. The father is obliged by the example to teach the son to communicate with women. The boy has to be a gentleman. To help girls to carry weights, to open before them doors.

4. During awkward age the full confidence has to be put in the child. Let makes some decisions independently. Of course, not all of them will be correct, but the chance needs to be given surely, quite so he will learn to be responsible.

5. Surely you praise the son, only without fanaticism. Remind the child that he brave and resolute, courageous and strong. Even if he does not have these qualities, thanks to your support they in him will develop.

6. You be womanly and gentle, weak and defenseless. Looking at you, the child will have a general impression about women. He will understand that the opposite sex needs to be loved and protected.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team