How to bring up the kid up to 10 years

How to bring up the kid up to 10 years

However many was years to your child, the main thing in his education is a love and trust. Help with everything to the kid, but at the same time never do for him what he at the age can already make.

Aged about one year it is difficult to children to explain something. Show love and caress to the baby. Be gentle with it and are patient when he cries. The child as a sponge, absorbs all emotions, and at the love relation will feel protected.

In education of the child from 1 to 2 years the main tactics is in to abusing it if he behaves not as it is necessary and to prevent conflict situations. If you were going to shop with the child, at first feed him that it did not spoil to itself(himself) appetite sweets. Then, even if the kid will ask something tasty, it is possible to buy and give him quietly. That the child did not scatter a thing, reliably fix doors of cases, and then he will not be able to open them.

Aged from 2 up to 4 years with children the thicket needs to watch cartoons, to read books, and on the example of heroes to explain that it is good that it is bad. Stop undesirable acts of the child firmly, but it is quiet and benevolent. You do not shout at him and do not intimidate that the child did not grow up nervous.

Children from 5 to 6 years can already correctly perceive abstract concepts. Tell the child what is friendship, love, honesty. Set him positive examples as at this age children seek to resemble people close to them. 

6-8 years. The child goes to school, and the opinion of the first teacher is frequent it becomes more important parental. There is an understanding of in society, understanding that all people have rights and duties. Accustom the kid that study is for him work which should be done well.

In 8-10 years the child appears under the influence of external factors: friends, school, street. It is already not so strongly attached to you, often has own opinion, other than yours. There is a process of formation of the personality. Try to be the diplomatic and loyal parent, be interested in opinion of the child, his relation to any given event.

At whatever age there was your child, let it share with you the pleasures, victories, chagrin and problems. Be to it a friend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team