How to bring up the real man - councils of the psychologist

How to bring up the real man - councils of the psychologist

Each parent of the boy dreams of that their son became the real man. But what for this purpose it is necessary to do how to behave and what principles to impart to the child since the childhood?

How does the real man have to look?

To understand how to bring up the real man, according to councils of the psychologist, it is necessary to know that the real man means. He has to be self-assured, responsible, sports, should not be afraid to make decisions. The real man has to lead active lifestyle.

How to grow up the real man?

Self-confidence is formed at the man since the earliest childhood. To develop in the child this quality it is necessary to praise more the kid and to abuse less. It is better to be guided by the principle according to which all that is not life-threatening also health is possible. Let the child explore the world around, you should not abuse it for the trousers soiled in a pool, or the broken toy.

It is possible to develop logic of future man from the cradle too. It is necessary to talk to the kid all the time, telling what occurs around, building at the same time relationships of cause and effect. For example, a grass wet because rain expected to fall.

Already from early age it is important to accustom the child to independence. Let him make a bed, puts on, washes and to brush teeth. The real man should not be afraid to make decisions. In 3 years he can independently choose where he wants to take a walk: in the park, or in the yard, and in several years it will be defined to what section it is better to go. The child has to be responsible for the decisions made by him. If he wanted to do karate, then has to understand that he will attend these classes during some time, and it is impossible to give up them earlier. In case of flat refusal of visit of trainings it is necessary to understand the reason, having talked to the child. If just bothered it or it is impossible, it is necessary to explain that begun to finish important, but if the reason in the bad teacher, then it is possible to change section. The child has to be confident in the parents, and a basis of this confidence is a talk. For him it is important to understand that he can discuss any issue with the parent.

In education of the boy not to be overzealous and remember the main thing that he is only a child who has the right to be dissatisfied, upset, and can even sometimes cry as quite so it expresses the emotions.

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