How to build the relations with the man

How to build the relations with the man

Before beginning the relations with the man, solve for yourself what aims you pursue and what you wait from them for. If you want to construct the future and to start a family, then you should not hide from the man of the intentions. The woman instinctively feels how to behave at the first meeting. But not everyone knows that to construct the relations with the young man, it is necessary to begin with flirtation.

It is required to you

  • - ability to prove to be
  • - sharpness
  • - charm and sense of humour


1. Do not take the first step. Let the man will understand that he attracts you, it is quite enough. The sign language is the main thing in flirtation. The first impressions on the man are made by your appearance and gestures, the second – your manner and style of a conversation, and on the third place – what you speak about.

2. Catch an eye of the man with whom you want to enter into the relations, and hold his couple of seconds, not longer. If the look returns to you back, so your chances are high, and you interested the young man.

3. Pay attention to your distance to honey with each other. During acquaintance do not cross "a social zone", it makes 1-2 meters. If the man is ready for communication with you, come nearer on 50 cm – this zone is called "personal". Do not cross "an intimate zone", it makes 40 cm. And if you cross, then do it carefully. At first understand whether the man will allow you it.

4. Do not interrupt the interlocutor during communication. Show the interest. Occasionally allow compliments towards the man, it is pleasant to them. Serially exchange the interesting facts about each other.

5. You remember humour, this is the chief assistant in flirtation. Flirtation is a game and what game manages joking apart and cheerful comments?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team