How to build the relations with the married man

How to build the relations with the married man

The married man in the opinion of the free woman – all the same that a suitcase without handle: there is a wish to take, and to lift there is nothing. At the same time some ladies persistently continue to turn near such "suitcase", achieving the objective. Someone receives what he aspired to, and someone is left "high and dry". Entering the relations with the banded man, it is necessary to represent accurately a picture in which you appear. What there were your intentions concerning such communication, your role – main, but not minor therefore you should build the relations with the married man with care.

1. Choose that position which you take now. Perhaps, you fell in love with the man, without knowing that he is married; or you knew that the elect is not free, but decided on closer contact. Other situation: you is married, he is married, both of you accept such "quadrangle". And the fourth option - to you all the same that it is married, for you is favorable communication.

2. How you should behave depends on your choice. But for any of options there are general conditions. Having stepped into a curve path of such relations, be ready to everything. Nobody says that it is difficult or simply, however your purposes have to be formulated accurately and laconically. A shaky state "love-dislike-money-habit" sows false hopes only in your lucid mind. For the man the situation will be convenient and pleasant until you do not say the rights for the relations. In what course they will proceed means.

3. If you fell in love with the young man who was not free, try to define whose fault that you passed such important detail. The first option – you were covered by an unearthly wave of feelings, the veil reliably dimmed eyes, you did not react to transparent hints. The second option – your elect was over head and ears in love and was afraid to frighten off you such status. The third – the man persistently hid from you to the last presence of family.

4. Phase out dealings and you act rashly if the status "is married" disappeared your man. The relations will not lead to anything good. It is the trap fed by your hopes. Do not give a weak point not to be sorry about the spent time for the one who will not be able to make happy you.

5. If you closed eyes to the facts, then time to open them and to look narrowly came. Not late to run up and forget about the incident as if it was the dream. The elect has a family, the wife who loves him and values him, perhaps, there are children. You will destroy others happiness, on others ashes it is difficult to build the new house.

6. Fight for the love if it is mutual and strong. Here the following councils are appropriate: do not think of his wife, think of yours with it the relations, fight for it, and, therefore, for a possibility of creation of the family. You suffer, darling will not be able to destroy family and to start life anew in one day, perhaps, also year for this purpose will be required.

7. Be a realist, argue soberly, you knew what you went on. Or use all that give you these relations, or try to get rid of them. The man, being married, afforded something bigger, than flirtation in your party. If you appeared on the place of his spouse whether highly you estimated its act? Such lover is not necessary to you. He you is not worthy. You have feeling of love, and he feeling of greatness, possessing at the same time two women.

8. "The love quadrangle" can diversify your life. Playing this game, follow rules. Be not jealous, do not try to find out, do not get to the bottom of the truth. Confidentiality – your fad. You do not share personal, do not go into details, you do not make mutual friends. In fact, it is only your love joys. On it a point.

9. Use the married lover and know the own worth, when it comes to the market relations. Let it sound roughly, but makes sober in serious situations. The man does not promise you gold mountains, comes when considers necessary, takes attention and care in the right frame of mind. It uses you, you in turn use of the Chance which it gives. If you dream to receive a maximum from such novel, then the principle works here: "I hear nothing, I do not see, I do not speak". The legal wife of the lover should not know about your existence. Otherwise it will turn back a headache and a stress. Do not fall in love not to come to grief.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team