How to calculate treason

How to calculate treason

To meet the faithful man it is considered a big rarity. Want to feel a time of the man free from family bonds therefore create fleeting novels on the party. And, perhaps, your spouse just lacks female heat. How to calculate treason of the husband?

1. Your sexual life with the husband rolled down on is not present? The spouse often is tired, he does not have enough for you time and forces, he became very cold to you? Then suddenly the mood sharply changes, and he is ready to present you the whole world, every day – gifts, flowers, compliments. Thus some men try to make amends before you.

2. Habits of the spouse can be one of the first and indirect arguments. Observe its usual daily routine. Pay special attention to the husband's clothes as traitors begin to watch carefully the appearance and hygiene, put on the most beautiful linen and do not forget to use good perfume. Quite often men register to the gym to improve the form and to look more attractive.

3. Thanks to the cell phone it is possible to learn all truth about unfaithfulness of the husband, it is only worth glancing in the mobile phone and it is possible to find calls, SMS messages of your competitor. If in phone it is absolutely empty, address to the detective agency, they will be able to order specification of messages and calls. Pay attention to location of phone if it always lay earlier in a visible place, and now it is reliably removed it means that from you try to hide information. It is worth becoming thoughtful.

4. Frequent business trips and constant delays at work can be carried to the guarding moments. At full employment of spouses began to bring less money, referring to crisis? At that time a part of the earned money is spent for gifts of the passion and campaigns with it on restaurants.

5. Quite often mistresses leave in the car of the man of a proof. They can be found in a glovebox, under car seats (on a head restraint of a seat there can be hair). Be attentive to foreign objects and things and also pay attention to the provision of seats of the car which are the frequent place of appointments for lovers.

6. If the spouse after work goes not to the fridge, and straight to the bathroom, these actions can be referred to the guarding moments. Unexpected surges in optimism, scattered attention, small fatigue and loss of appetite - he has already supper with the mistress at restaurant or at her home.

7. Come unexpectedly to work to the husband to a lunch break and look at its reaction. If he begins to be nervous considerably, most likely, he from you something or someone hides. Or gather for couple of days to parents to other city and return under a specious excuse per day earlier. Perhaps, before you the unpleasant picture will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team