How to calculate treason of the husband

How to calculate treason of the husband

Unfortunately, now very often men in family show incorrectness. Examples of neighbors and friends can insinuate soul of any woman over time. But it is not necessary to make a start from emotions and own guesses. The obvious facts – the best certificate.


1. Pay attention to how you are kissed by the husband recently. Has value not only quality of kisses, but also their quantity. If they any more not such ardent and frequent as earlier, then it is possible, your husband gives them anotherto to the woman.

2. Notice change in habits. Here food habits, clothes style, a daily routine and even the choice of perfumery can belong. Because external changes often happen because of changes of heart, and they have to be caused by something.

3. Watch as far as the husband shows to you attention and gives gifts. By the way, existence of these signs speaks about treason. Subconsciously he will try to get your approval, and expensive gifts kind of to make amends.

4. Do not lose sight of amount of time which the husband spends at work. Perhaps he began a thicket to linger on the invented meetings. Or the number of monthly business trips increased (or they appeared that was not earlier). Generally, long time which the husband began to spend outdoors on various pretexts has to be a reason for pricking up the ears.

5. You watch that, how often the spouse uses phone, e-mail, programs for online communication or sits on social networks. If earlier for it means of communication were objects which irritated and distracted, and now he does not leave phone and constantly checks mail that is over what to think. It is unlikely he communicates with friends and resolves working issues. Most likely, it is the thought-up excuses.

6. Notice as it reacts to your words. Usually if the person is concentrated on the thoughts and dreams, then he turns "a deaf ear" to everything that he is told. He often asks again or cannot remember when he to you promised to make something (probably, he told it automatically when his thoughts were somewhere away). But it matters if before it the husband it was not watched. And if it is peculiar to its character, then you should not worry.

7. Prick up the ears if you see that the husband has things which you definitely did not get. As required take an interest about their origin and try to ask in details where and when he got them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team