How to calculate when it is possible to become pregnant

How to calculate when it is possible to become pregnant

Most of women prefers to plan pregnancy in advance, the organism needs to be prepared. It is important also for the most future mother, and for the child. The question of how to calculate date when there is an opportunity to become pregnant, disturbs each woman who is going to bring the child.


1. The menstrual cycle is the period of preparation of a female body for pregnancy. Duration of this cycle at most of women is twenty eight days. At different stages of a menstrual cycle the release of sex hormones is unequal. Under the influence of one of hormones produced by a hypophysis at the beginning of a menstrual cycle in an ovary of the woman the follicle ripens. In process of the growth it gradually moves ahead to the surface of an ovary. This advance happens under the influence of other hormone of a front share of a hypophysis – lutein.

2. The ovum which is contained in a follicle also gradually increases, and by the time of maturing of a follicle it is mature too. Full maturing of a follicle requires certain time. At duration of a menstrual cycle in twenty eight days this period is fourteen days. So, having reached after passing of fourteen days of a surface of an ovary, the follicle bursts, and it leaves an ovum, mature, ready to fertilization.

3. Thus, at a twenty-eight-day menstrual cycle the most favorable time for conception are the fourteenth and fifteenth days of the first day of a cycle. The beginning of each following cycle the termination monthly is considered.

4. Each woman can independently define ovulation time. For this purpose it is necessary to take basal temperature. As a result of changes which happen in internal genitals under the influence of certain hormones the indicators of basal temperature change too. It allows to determine terms of an ovulation and ability of ovaries to produce progesterone. Basal temperature needs to be taken in the morning at the same time, without getting out of a bed as at the same time it is necessary to exclude any activity. It is necessary to take basal temperature in the same way – either vaginalno, or rektalno and to include indications in the special schedule. In the first half of a cycle when the ovulation did not come yet, basal temperature, on average, is 36, 5 – 36, 9 degrees. With approach of an ovulation it raises and becomes higher than 37. The largest probability of conception exists in two days prior to temperature increase and in day when there is an ovulation.

5. However It should be notedIt should be noted that if intimacy and took place in the specified days, then it is not a guarantee that pregnancy will occur yet. Often it occurs in several months of unsuccessful attempts to bring the child even if both future parents are absolutely healthy. You should not worry, overfatigue and just excessive concern is a common cause of failures.

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