How to calm darling

How to calm darling

Your girl lost a dream, appetite and does not wish even to look in your party? It sluggish and apathetic, is feverishly excited? Most likely, she endures a severe stress and is not ready to share with you experiences. But, nevertheless, she needs to be helped, and you have to make it.


1. The female ability to panic even is well-known for the most insignificant occasion. No, it does not mean that your darling – the hysterical woman. Perhaps, she is just too sensitive, accept it as the fact.

2. Act with the checked methods. Girls in critical situations show keen interest in sweets. Stock up with a cake and candies, make tea. There is a chance that darling will share with you the problems, and you will prompt the right decision.

3. If a situation serious, some sweets you do not manage. Just in case protect darling from alcohol and cigarettes in shock doses, reasoning these drastic measures with the fact that alcohol yet helped to resolve to nobody an important issue. And here harmed - it is as much as necessary.

4. In reduction of the girl in feeling not bad proved joint viewing movies. First, you will distract her and, thereby, will a little calm. Secondly, on its reaction you will be able to understand what befell. For example, if she cries, having hardly seen on the screen of the baby, accurately check a garbage can – whether on packing from the test for pregnancy was overlooked there?

5. Use cunning reception – pretend that nothing occurs. Tell that planned on next weekends a joint campaign on kayaks, and on Monday there comes your father from Taganrog. How, it is not ready to accept it? What kayaks?! The darling, something happened? Hand her a handkerchief and be going to listen.

6. Starting inquiries, be not too persuasive. Perhaps, a problem too delicate to discuss it with the man. Do not demand details, let it will tell what will find necessary. Act on circumstances further.

7. If, despite all your efforts, the girl continues to be secretive and nervous, relax and provide to events to take its course. Something really important will come up outside sooner or later, and trifles will resolve by itself. The main thing, let it know that she can count on your male shoulder. And this argument will calm her better, than the most tasty chocolate in the world.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team