How to calm down before examination?

How to calm down before examination?

All of us not once faced in life nervousness before examinations. The speeded-up pulse, a nervous trembling on a body, the increased perspiration, the nibbled nails and the bitten lips is, and not only, is external signs, giving your nervous trembling. Nervousness before something important and responsible is natural reaction of an organism which, in fact, displays your relation to the events.

On the one hand tachycardia promotes the improved blood supply and, as a result, enrichment with oxygen of the same brain which should work fairly in the nearest future. On the other hand, long nervous trembling exhausts not only emotionally, but also physically since in tension there are also separate groups of muscles, in particular hands, a back, a neck. All this in total prevents to focus on the main thing, distracts therefore it is so important to know how to calm down before examination. As a result of people begins to forget even the most primitive postulates which it could tell even if to wake him in the middle of night drunk. In such state many would give much to learn how it is possible to calm down quickly.

How to fight against this misfortune? Ways, definitely, are. Any psychologist, having rummaged in your addictions and preferences, will issue the whole list of offers how to learn to calm down quickly. We will make more generalized recommendations based on the most often found habits and standards which will prompt how quickly to calm down before examination.

Option first is music

Music is life. During the come era of quickly developing technologies practically everyone has a phone having a possibility of music playback. Each of us has musical preferences, everyone knows himself better, than the whole department of psychologists. Someone for relaxation and concentration enjoys the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, someone for a raising of fighting spirit needs music heavier, and to someone to rather just dancing melody for a while to leave from the future reality.

Load favourite playlists and enjoy. It is not enough to listen – dance, well or at least hop on the place. There is not enough and they are sing along. Absolutely no matter as, a falsetto or a hripovaty bass – the main thing that the brain unloaded, distracted by the fact that it is really pleasant to it.

Option second is auto-training

Or in other words – auto-suggestion. For this purpose it is enough to have at least average imagination. Just you close eyes and you think of where you would like to appear now. Some place, where quietly and with calm or where it is cheerful and bright.

It the grandmother can have a village from your childhood, the quiet sandy beach, night club with a detachable disco – you to herself the screenwriter. It is one of universal decisions for various cases as will quickly calm down in a stressful situation. By the way, for strengthening of effect it is possible to do it under the corresponding music.

Put noise of a rain or a surf – and here you are outdoors. Include incendiary rhythms and enjoy energy of dance. Set to yourself the correct spirit.

Option third is reading

Same phones, either smartphones, or tablets with a possibility of reproduction of the text. Besides, everything is individual. Classics, science fiction, the historical chronicle – everything that soul asks, everything that entices you, twists in the plot, tears off from reality.

Do not think of how people around will react to your reading matter. Now all your actions are directed to removal of nervous excitement. Your tranquility and concentration above all.

Option fourth – games

Everyone has game addictions. Races, shooter games, puzzles, arcades – all this now quite acceptable is implemented in modern smartphones. Let a game will carry away, will distract from the future, will force to suspect other subjects, in other plane. Let the organism will feel inflow of hormones of pleasure and happiness. It will dilute feeling of alarm and, perhaps, will give an additional incentive.

Of course, there are also many other ways as will calm down and not to be nervous before examination. Breathing exercises, physical activity in the form of walks on a ladder from the first on the top floor, a chocolate bar, eventually – all this is individual also at a personal discretion.

The most important - you have to distract from an oppressive state, vanish, unload a brain. In the weakened condition of its efficiency raises, and at the crucial moment it will give what even you do not expect.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team