How to calm parents

How to calm parents

Parents constantly worry about the children even if those grew up for a long time. Sometimes misunderstanding between different generations complicates life. How to return the world to the house and to make life of parents of quieter?


1. Think why parents constantly are anxious about you on what soil there are conflicts? As a rule, they occur for the household or psychological reasons. Also it is worth dealing with them.

2. As for quarrels concerning not washed up cups and a dog with whom someone forgot to take a walk such problems can be resolved, having agreed about clear split of economic obligations for the house. If you do not like to wash the dishes, undertake washing. The main thing, let know that you are independent and responsible. Then to parents it will not be terrible that you will finally be lost in the world around.

3. Very often parents do not accept a way of life of children even if those got own families long ago and crashed to other city. At distance the concern of the father and mother is shown even stronger, the imagination draws them terrible pictures – the daughter does not call because she got sick how she there? Assuming the worst, parents do not sleep at the nights and do not wait for a good news any more.

4. You call them more often, tell, how are you. Parents need that the nobility, than there lives their child. It is not necessary to devote them in the problems without special need, ask them on the current events better, be interested in health. Do not leave them without information, let you have no news, tell couple of encouraging words, and drugs for high pressure will not be necessary for them.

5. Mamam often is not pleasant that the daughter cannot find to herself couple in any way. Do not try to convince her that you perfectly feel also without husband. Let mother will agree to differ. Live life, do not foment the conflict. Acquaint her with the male friends, then she will understand that you are not lonely at all. You translate all talk about need of a marriage for fun, over time they will cease to fuel tension between you.

6. Try not to raise the voice on parents, do not accuse them of anything even if your childhood was far from ideal. If you understand that strongly you are nervous, postpone an unpleasant conversation to other time. If the habit to talk with voices raised is fixed, it will be difficult to get rid of it.

7. Accept the fact that parents worry about you as due. Try not to complicate to them life, you give gifts, you tell warm words. Then they will become quieter, and your life peace and harmony will set in.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team