How to calm the jealous husband

How to calm the jealous husband

To build the relations with the jealous man - all the same what to sit on a volcano: it is not known when eruption begins.

Do not believe that the jealousy is a manifestation of love. The love is feeling light, creative, and the jealousy is destructive and dangerous. Mistrust, the bans, insults, offenses and even physical violence - all this consequences of unrestrained men's jealousy. Whether there is a way to pacify house Othello and to lead quiet life?

We establish the true reasons

Your actions for prevention of attacks of jealousy will depend on the reasons for which your man is jealous. The most widespread following:

  • The underestimated self-assessment of the man and, as a result, diffidence.
  • Psychological injuries which he got in the past.
  • The man is jealous if he changed itself or allows thoughts of treason, as a result begins to attribute to the partner the thoughts and feelings.

How to calm the jealous man?

For a start it is worth understanding that to re-educate the adult man it will not turn out any more. But if to choose the correct strategy of behavior, it is possible to soften manifestations of his jealousy.

Do not give a reason. Exclude delays at work, rash statements of type: "We have a new employee, such nice", leave with pass also a frank decollete - the world in family more important.

You praise. If the reason of jealousy of your man - the underestimated self-assessment and fear to lose you, then it is necessary to make so that he believed in himself. For this purpose it is necessary to take for the rule to praise it for any trifles: for what was repaired by the crane took out garbage, helped the son to do homework, surprised you in a bed, etc. Convince him that for you he is the best man in the world, and from it any woman in senses will not leave.

Provide information maximum. Often jealous men wind themselves because of a lack of information on darling. You call him more often and tell, than you are engaged as you carry out a lunch break, etc. He should not conjecture so and to be jealous.

Do not justify. For the jealous man of the logician is as follows: you justify youself - means it is guilty. Use strategy "the best protection - attack!". He demands explanations? Ask a counter question: "Do you doubt my feelings?" Then it is worth inflating sponges and to represent strong offense. Let him apologize!

Help it to find a hobby. Present to the husband a spinning, the metal detector or other men's "toy". Having occupied thoughts of darling with new hobby, you will get rid of its hyper guardianship and jealous suspicions most of which often are born in the idle head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team