How to catch the guy in treason

How to catch the guy in treason

Close relations are under construction on trust, but the doubt sometimes creeps in – and suddenly it changes? In this situation there is a wish to know everything about the guy: what he is busy after work with with whom had dinner in cafe, to whom he so with enthusiasm writes SMS. How to satisfy curiosity, without resorting to the help of the private detective?


1. Wonder whether it to you gave a real reason for jealousy, or you just played imagination? Before passing to resolute actions, weigh all pros and cons. Perhaps, you should learn a lot of unpleasant.

2. Refuse temptation to climb on its page in "Schoolmates" or to steal the password from e-mail. Having begun shadowing, you will be fond more and more of this game, sooner or later the man will expose you. Are sure that are ready to such course of events?

3. If you spend not enough time together, correct this error. Divide with the guy of his hobby, then you should not guess why its lessons of a crawl in the pool come to an end so late. By the way, swimming puts nervous system in order that your situation it is very important.

4. If take a closer look at the guy more attentively, then ask him on affairs on work. To a lunch break you go to a joint lunch. Did you appear suddenly unexpectedly, but really he is not glad to you? On reaction of the man you easily will understand whether your attention is necessary for him.

5. A great way to control the person is to become it the best friend, then you will cease to ask yourself questions whether he prefers you the company of thoughtless maidens. Talk to the man frankly. Admit that you worry and you are jealous, but you do not wish to spy on him. Such recognitions have to touch his heart.

6. Address the psychologist. Constantly felt jealousy can speak about the internal conflict. If you are dissatisfied with how there are your relations, share the alarms with the expert, and, quite possibly, you should not play in the detective any more.

7. Remember that long time is very difficult to conduct a double life. If to your guy is what to hide, the truth itself will come to light sooner or later, you should not use to it the efforts. And if your suspicions were groundless, do not torment yourself in vain. Most likely, you with the man were just lucky.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team