How to catch the thief in collective?

How to catch the thief in collective?

Unfortunately, such situation not a rarity when at work from bags and purses personal belongings and money vanish. If the number of collective is quite high, then a question how to catch the thief in collective, becomes more and more relevant, time goes, and thefts continue.

How to catch the thief at work?

Of course, it is possible without philosophizing crafty, to contact police or security service of the enterprise, but not the fact that the outcome of the case will be positive. Especially acute and expert employees in psychology questions can make personal investigation. To approach everyone and, ironing directly in eyes, to tell that he also is a thief. On the followed reaction it will be possible to draw certain conclusions, but also they not always should be considered unambiguous.

With guarantee and absolutely it is possible to find the pilferer so:

  • to buy special powder or to ask it in police agencies. To pour in purses to all employees and to wait for result. The fact is that at hit on skin it paints it, but is not washed away therefore it is possible to catch the thief in staff of shop, but there is also other way as to make it, described below;
  • if thefts happen in rooms to personal boxes of employees, then it is possible in some of them, and even in everything to install the security alarm system which at unauthorized penetration would splash paint, for example, brilliant green or fukortsiny;
  • to install pair of video recorders, or just to put the webcam, to include a video on the laptop and thus it is possible to catch the thief both at school, and in any other collective.

Anyway, for capture all collective needs to show vigilance and to watch strictly the alleged offender. Happens and so that he manages to be caught by a hand at a stage of preparation for operation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team