How to cause jealousy in former

How to cause jealousy in former

The girl takes parting with the beloved hard. She is overwhelmed by emotions, she does not know how it is better for it to arrive: whether to try to throw out this person from memory, whether to overcome pride and to try to reconcile with him. Quite often wounded girl wants to awaken jealousy in the former partner. It happens for various reasons: if she hopes to renew the relations with the guy or wants to punish the person who did not appreciate it, to force it to regret bitterly about parting with it.


1. "And to us all the same!" — you remember this song from the old good movie? Your being sure beloved for certain that to you without him it is bad that you  cry in a pillow at night. Try to bring kind of accidentally to its attention that all just the opposite: you perfectly feel, are happy with life and in general as well that you had free time now! It is possible to communicate in plenty to girlfriends, to walk on shops, to visit a theatrical premiere. Moreover, try to catch sight several times to him, literally radiating very clearly rest and serenity. Believe — will work. Your ex-boyfriend seriously will think  whether he committed a blunder.

2. "On you there are other fish in the sea". There is no best way to cause jealousy in the former boyfriend, than to poflirtovat with other guy. And it is valid — around many other young people, you for certain will be pleasant to someone from them. And you are free now and have full authority to it. Who knows, maybe, this flirtation will develop into the novel or business will reach even a wedding. You can be absolutely sure of one: your former will feel very uncomfortably.

3. "Yes, I can make it". Still, despite sexual equality, many men very jealously, painfully treat attempts of women to compete with them. Especially in those spheres which from time immemorial were considered as especially men's prerogative. If you achieve success in any area, consider that your ex-boyfriend already has a powerful reason for jealousy.

4. There is still a number of ways to cause jealousy in the person who was dear to you. Including frankly defiant, extravagant, adjoining on shocking. But before trying to awaken jealousy in the former beloved, after all try to answer yourself a question frankly: "And why it is necessary to me and  whether it is necessary in general?" Maybe it will be much more reasonably simple to meet it and to speak quietly, frankly?

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