How to cause jealousy in the husband

How to cause jealousy in the husband

Some people regard jealousy in the relations as a sure sign of great love. It is to some extent similar to the truth, jealousy – manifestation of feeling of property. However this feeling is capable both to destroy, and to refresh the dying-away love relations. How to cause jealousy in own husband?


1. The strongest weapon of women is a sexuality. To the real woman one smile suffices to enter into the new relations, one look to draw attention of the man. Only very young girl is not able to flirt, perhaps. Even the friendly conversation of the woman with the fellow worker can provoke jealousy at the husband who relaxed long ago and does not expect at all that his spouse can have success.

2. An effective way to provoke jealousy is to begin to ignore the spouse. Stop to call him on work, refuse proximity, do not respond to all its recognitions and inquiries. Such behavior will not leave indifferent even the most unjealous man, in each of them the nature put the hunter's instinct. However it is necessary to play "tag" very tactfully and gracefully, the man differently angry, not receiving caress, not understanding anything will begin to seek consolation at other "cat".

3. Frank coquetry and flirtation with the friend of the family – dangerous, but not less certain way to cause jealousy of the husband. It is necessary to do it only in front of the spouse. Dance with the foreign man, afford outright movements, laugh and make advances. A storm of passions and, most likely, a showdown are guaranteed to you. But you also tried to obtain it?

4. You come late home, do not answer calls, you wear revealing dresses and sexual shoes, you bring bouquets of flowers, dare to be home slightly drunk, and answer all questions evasively and mysteriously. And the most suspicious – night calls from unknown numbers on your cell phone. Certainly, it will cause a storm of emotions including such desired jealousy. It is possible that the similar defiant behavior of the woman can become also the beginning of the end of the relations.

5. Before starting provocation of the husband (and intended balancing by feelings of darling and is dangerous provocation), carefully and objectively estimate all pros and cons. The "bad" behavior can be dangerous not only mutual offenses and reproaches, but also absolutely sad consequences: break in relations, use of brute force, violence and even murder. Think of the fact that jealousy – not the only way to revive the relations. Often for revival of the dying-away feelings happens rather straight talk, a romantic trip together, changes of a surrounding situation, a joint fascinating hobby and as the next stage of development of matrimonial life – the birth of the general child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team