How to cease to be afraid of height?

How to cease to be afraid of height?

Fear of height – an arophobia – the widespread fear tracing the roots back to a self-preservation instinct peculiar to people. As the fear this very steady, most often the person with it just lives. However the question how to cease to be afraid of height can rise before the one who is forced to be in places where its phobia becomes aggravated.

Why the person is afraid of height?

Doctors divide people with fear of height into two groups. At representatives of the first the vestibular mechanism is upset therefore at height they feel physical discomfort – dizziness, a shiver and nausea. In the second group carry people with irrational and inexplicable fear of height.

How not to be afraid of height?

What to do if once you drew a conclusion: "I am afraid of height", psychologists will prompt. In certain cases work with an arophobia is based on the analysis of children's mental injuries of the patient, in others it is necessary to reveal other phobias which feed fear of height. Psychologists in work with such patients use psychotherapy, hypnosis and also medications.

Strong-willed persons can struggle with an arophobia independently, gradually winning an opportunity to rise by height from fear. It is necessary to work gradually, for example, at first will learn to rise by a climbing wall, and then – to try to conquer the serious mountain. It is possible to get used to height by means of jumps from a tower in the pool or "walks" on a balance beam under which mats are laid.

Movies where the main characters are climbers or pilots, the main thing that plots had a positive spirit help to reduce fear. To learn internally it is possible to relax and not to panic when viewing some videos showing, for example, panoramas of the city or landscapes from height of bird's flight. In addition it makes sense to strengthen a vestibular mechanism – to ride a swing, roundabouts or special exercise machines, to do physical exercises.


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