How to cease to be afraid of people?

How to cease to be afraid of people?

The fear of society enters the five of the most widespread fears. Negative experience of communication, inability to come into interpersonal contacts, lead shyness, shyness and other reasons to the fact that the person tries to avoid people and obshcheniyaslovo with them.

Why people are afraid?

When the person says that he is afraid of people and looks for what to do, he has to understand first of all that in this case he is afraid not of reality, and the fact that he draws his imagination.

Most often are the reasons of such fear:

  • negative experience. Negative experience of one unsuccessful communicative contact, a public statement can cross out for the person all former positive experience in case this case had a crucial role;
  • low self-assessment. Quite often the person a long time evades from communication only because he considers himself the bad interlocutor and the uninteresting personality;
  • those who change a profession can feel a lack of experience and it is forced to communicate with people more.

How to cease to be afraid of communication with people?

For overcoming fears the psychotherapists quite often advise to meet fear. In our case it is about entering themselves into a situation of communication and to try to pass through it. That is, it is necessary to communicate as often as possible and more with different people. For this purpose on streets, in transport, shops it is necessary not to miss any opportunity to communicate. You should not be afraid to be misunderstood or rejected, actually to people almost all the same whom they met during the day and with whom fleetingly communicated. You should not be afraid to look unusually or to behave not so, you most likely any more will never see those people to whom you communicated on the street.

Psychologists offer different exercises for a solution how to cease to be afraid of people and to hesitate. All exercises come down to that the person got as much as possible experience of communication, became surer and ceased to be afraid of the process of construction of communicative contact.

Let's consider some exercises how to cease to be afraid of people:

  1. Put on unusually and pass on the street. Note how I react people around. Derive pleasure that you are able to afford to look as you want.
  2. Going along the street, ask time several counter passersby.
  3. Having come into shop, in detail ask the seller on some thing, but do not buy it.
  4. Ask passersby as to you to pass to some address.


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