How to cease to depend on the husband

How to cease to depend on the husband

From olden days there was such model of family: the husband – the supporter and the defender, the wife is a keeper of the center, that is the housewife and the teacher of children. She has both pluses, and minuses. And, perhaps, the most essential shortcoming - that in that case the wife almost completely depends on the husband, time family lives on its income. Some woman treats it absolutely calmly, reasonably including that to be in charge of housekeeping is work too, and hard. And others feel psychological discomfort.


1. Certainly, in each family this problem is solved differently. Nevertheless, you should have the personal source of income. It, first, would raise your self-assessment ("I make the contribution to the family budget too"), secondly, would save from psychological discomfort and disorders.

2. For example, if you till a marriage had housing, and then you moved to the husband, the freed apartment can be leased. Many residents of the large cities act this way, gaining very quite good income.

3. The era of the Internet gives the mass of opportunities for earnings at home. It is possible to write articles to order, to assist in registration and filling of the websites, to give paid consultations on those questions which you well understand. It is only necessary to show desire and persistence on search of such work. Yes, it is possible, at the beginning earnings will be very modest, but to begin the main thing.

4. If you have "clever fingers", that here, as they say, "God ordered" to earn additionally needlework. Sewing, knitting, embroidery. It is possible to look for clients on the corresponding websites on the same Internet or among acquaintances, neighbors, having used the help of "gossip hotline".

5. You can earn additionally tutoring. Earnings size very strongly fluctuates depending on many factors: residences, number of pupils, level of their preparation, requirements. In the large cities the good tutor can earn very solid sum. In small towns and settlements, certainly, much less. Nevertheless, it is real money which will never be superfluous.

6. Well and, certainly, it is possible to say goodbye to a role of the housewife, having got full-time employment. Ideally – for the shortened working hours. Smaller earnings then with interest will pay off time which the woman can quietly spend also for house efforts, and for herself, without haste, vanity and hassle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team