How to cease to depend on the person

How to cease to depend on the person

How to cease to depend on the person – a riddle over which many people of the whole world puzzle. There are many options of disposal of such dependence, but there is no definite answer which will help with all cases. Therefore several effective councils for fight against this misfortune are provided to your attention.

It is required to you

  • - desire to break off a vicious circle of dependence;
  • - persistence and self-confidence.


1. Try to understand yourself, to understand what causes in you dependence on a certain person. Having correctly carried out introspection, you will be able to develop the plan of further effective actions. For this purpose psychologists recommend to write all negative qualities of this person on the sheet of paper and to re-read them as often as possible, every time answering a question: "And why it such is necessary to you?".

2. Try to switch to something else. Find for yourself new hobby, a hobby, find time for study or work more. Try to be in the company of close friends and optimistic people who give you only positive emotions more often.

3. The following method in the people is called "like cures like". Make by the dependence more worthy person who would bring only joy and pleasure from your relations. However this option has essential minus: your problem will decrease, but will not disappear. If you do not get rid of it completely, sooner or later it can declare itself again.

4. Proceeding from opinion of most of psychologists, people with the lowered self-assessment and a lack of love of the childhood usually suffer from dependence. Therefore you need to try to fall in love and accept yourself it what you are.

5. For this purpose execute the following exercise: relax, accept a comfortable position and slow down the breath. When you feel as completely weakened, mind's eye present before yourself a track which conducts you in the childhood. On the road there is a small child of years of four. This child – you.

6. Approach the kid, take him by hand, embrace and tell him that you very much love it and you will give nobody in offense. Be played with it and slowly the same track come back. After this exercise you will feel joy and simplification.

7. Address the specialist psychologist. It is spare option if you will not be able independently to overcome the dependence on the person. Good luck to you in this hard fight! Believe in yourself, and everything at you will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team