How to cease to redden at the slightest pretext?

How to cease to redden at the slightest pretext?

Undoubtedly, times change, and the persons falling into confusion at the attention increased to them becomes less. Men on an equal basis with women fight for the place in the sun and are not filled in with crimson paint at constraint and nervousness any more, however, such people nevertheless are, and they very much suffer from this feature and seek to learn how to cease to redden at the slightest pretext.

Phenomenon nature

It is impossible to control process of expansion of blood vessels and inflow of blood to the person, it is feature of nervous system. When the person feels fear, shame, confusion or nervousness, all face and even a neck and a decollete is painted in scarlet color. Such reaction of an organism significantly makes the life of the person miserable, depriving of self-confidence, lowering a self-assessment and not allowing to develop and grow also in the professional and personal plan. Psychologists consider that face reddening at nervousness acts as one of signs of fear of communication with people or sociophobia. With age such attacks prove more and more seldom, but if desired it is possible to get rid of them earlier.

How to cease to be confused and redden?

Here a couple of the effective methods helping to stop or prevent this process:

  1. It is worth beginning inside at the first signs of the increasing confusion and heat strongly to give those who is interested how to cease to redden before people a forefinger nail on a nail of big. The pain felt at the same time will play a role of the distracting factor and will allow to stop process of rush of blood to the person.
  2. To be transferred mentally to other place or time. To think of something, not belonging to a conversation at all. To cease to redden for nervousness it is possible if to remember any movie or history.
  3. The best way is not to be silent, and to try to distract the interlocutor, having switched a conversation to other subject.

As the reason at this phenomenon psychological, and it is necessary to work according to this fact. Those who asks how to cease to redden at a conversation should answering that it is necessary to try to raise the self-assessment and self-confidence. When the person ceases to be afraid to prove to be it what he is, he ceases to be obsessed with the complexes and fears. It is necessary to expand a circle of the communication constantly. That who is afraid to act on public, to do it as often as possible. Overcoming itself, the confusion and fear, it is possible to get rid of them, to see that the world is not so hostile as it seemed.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team