How to cease to worry?

How to cease to worry?

Nervousness is a reaction of the living being to the events happening to it, to a specific life situation, much prophetic. Being a living being, the person cannot but show similar reaction.

Nervousness of the person — emotion ambiguous. So nervousness newly married in the REGISTRY OFFICE is the concern caused by a volnitelnost, touching of the most solemn moment which outcome is obvious and desired for all — the birth of young family.

And what to speak about the birth on light of the little man!? Tears of disturbing happiness overflow new parents, and in a different way does not happen - it is good, useful nervousness of the normal people expecting the happy moment.

In our life, fortunately, there are a lot of similar strange moments, and the they are more disturbing, the more pleasantly, more sweetly and nezabyvayemy.

However in our life there is also other nervousness when some issue, important for us, is resolved, but the outcome of a situation is unpredictable! We, naturally, want a favorable outcome, victorious result, but only one thought of defeat, a failure of a dream brings us to a stress because of nervousness which we are not able to master. In situations of this sort we have a question how to cease to worry.

Ways of fight against nervousness

First aid — the respiratory equipment. For this purpose three times deeply inhale through a nose, and exhale through a mouth. Exercise can be carried out both sitting, and standing. It removes nervousness, nervous trembling, saves a brain from chaotic thoughts.

One more of ways to calm down — meditation. In a situation when not to understand how to cease to worry on trifles, try to close eyes and within 5-7 minutes to focus only on processes of a breath — an exhalation. It can do not to everyone — meditation needs to study.

To understand how to cease to worry and be nervous in a difficult situation, it is necessary to try to connect physical actions which at first sight do not demand from us great efforts, seem even chaotic, spontaneous.

  1. The first reception from this series — the movement up and down, to and fro. Slowly, but grandly pacing, we facilitate nervousness and we do not allow it to develop into a stress.
  2. Other reception — manipulation of objects which are in hands: pointer, handle. It will give to confidence and will calm.
  3. One of the effective receptions helping us to calm nerves is simple switching of attention. Just release a situation in free floating, and listen to favourite music, read the favourite book, talk to the close friend. Positive sincere emotions will remove stress, having disconnected your consciousness, though for a while, from intrusive ideas, experiences.
  4. If interests a question how to cease to be afraid of everything and to worry, try the equipment of a positive self-spirit. Convince yourself mentally of the positive solution of your situation, of a positive outcome, looking for real arguments pro.

It is simple and easy for sociable, self-sufficient and self-assured individuals to go on life, they without problems join any collective, meet with people, never ask themselves a question how to cease to worry before people because at them it occurs by itself.

How to overcome nervousness in public?

First, it is always necessary to remember that all people different, and we cannot equally be pleasant to one and all. Therefore it is not necessary to go all out and to prove someone the appeal and other advantages. Be guided by people whose arrangement to you is obvious - it is your support, you look always at their reaction — it will help you and will instill confidence.

Secondly, it is not necessary to impose the society to people who obviously do not need it. Having excluded the people who are not interested in communication with you from the near environment you will save yourself from need to feel discomfort every time as soon as you face.

Thirdly, that communication with people gave you joy, try to work on yourself, on the all-round development. The reminder will be not superfluous: clothes do not make the man.

And that you were not tormented by a question how to cease to worry at a conversation, remember simple rules:

  • be oneself;
  • be able to listen to the interlocutor;
  • try to avoid subjects, unclear for you;
  • show genuine interest in problems which concern your interlocutor.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team