How to celebrate a wedding anniversary

How to celebrate a wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary, fine significant holiday for married couple. How to make this event especially memorable?


1. It is possible to organize a photoshoot in lovestory style, or to make a number of pictures with all family members, depending on your desire. The professional photographer, will help to pick up style, will choose a necessary landscape for shooting, will qualitatively process a photo. Such photos, it is remarkable memory for many years.

2. Traditional party, in style of a repeated wedding event. Invite friends, stage dances, contests. Decorate the room with various wedding tinsel, flowers, tapes, small lamps. Invite the photographer, this day should be imprinted on a photo, and later friends will be able to leave pleasant comments and wishes in an album.

3. Very romantic and touching option, it to arrange repetition of the first in life appointment. Invite your spouse to make a trip to the past. Visit restaurant, cafe, movie theater at which you were that memorable first evening. It is pleasant to be given to warm memoirs, to stir up feelings.

4. It is possible to organize an extreme appointment. Such option will be remembered for a long time, with pleasure and laughter of the spouse will remember the thrills endured together. Therefore joint parachute jumps and other extreme occupations will approach. Upon termination of, it is possible to present to the soulmate flowers, a gift and to thank in the years lived together.

5. Each family has a dream, to go somewhere together, to make mind-blowing acquisition, to try something new in life. Dare, try to plan and carry out conceived on a wedding anniversary. Such moments will never be forgotten, will leave the sea of warm memoirs in memory and will make room for a new family dream.

6. On a wedding anniversary it is possible to exchange solemn oaths. Having lived together, people learn more about each other, write about what you promise to make in order that your soulmate became happier. Promises can concern even amusing household trifles, family life consists of trifles which often please and upset to steam. The main thing, within a year try to make promised.

7. It is possible to make horse walk. Choose the suitable beautifull place where it is possible to walk quietly astride, it is pleasant rest, it is possible to talk, remember the warm moments, to enjoy with each other. Upon termination of, organize a picnic outdoors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team