How to celebrate the first anniversary

How to celebrate the first anniversary

The first anniversary of family life by tradition is called print, and it is of great importance in life of spouses. It is necessary to celebrate such event somehow especially, but when choosing an action surely consider opinion of your half.


1. Retire to a cushy job. Go to the sea to that country where at present years warmly and sunny. Order the permit in travel agency (if you want to save, take "burning" for couple of days to a departure to that state which does not demand visa processing). In day of your anniversary open a champagne bottle ashore, enjoying a beautiful view, noise of waves and a sea breeze.

2. Celebrate anniversary with relatives. Divide your holiday with family, these people have a direct bearing on your union. Arrange an invited dinner or invite all in restaurant. It is possible to recreate the atmosphere of a wedding, having gathered in the same restaurant where you were a year ago.

3. Dress up in wedding suits and organize a party for friends. This option will be suitable for cheerful newlyweds who do not want to release day of the wedding even a year later. Get a wedding dress and the groom's suit from a case, send to a dry-cleaner and be prepared for issue. The party can be organized houses, in club or the leased hall of cafe. If you do not want to dress completely dresses, just put on a veil and a tie from the date of the wedding.

4. Zapechatlite your holiday. Order a photoshoot from the famous photographer. In advance discuss plans, take several options of suits, including, of course, wedding dresses. You will spend not less than five-six hours to studios therefore after the photoshoot of force will stay only for a silent lonely dinner.

5. Visit memorable places. For certain your couple has many places which were remembered during the beginning of the relations. Arrange walk on them, having taken a bottle of champagne and glasses, and celebrate anniversary in couple of drinks of sparkling drink in each of them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team