How to celebrate the New Year with her parents

How to celebrate the New Year with her parents

New Year – a traditional family holiday and if your girl suggested you to meet him in family of her parents, then it is the good sign. It she unambiguously lets you know that she seriously treats you and considers your candidacy for a role of future husband. A meeting of New Year with her parents – an action responsible therefore belong in it seriously.


1. First of all, think over options of gifts under a fir-tree. Of course, all of them – from Father Frost, but all the same everyone knows from whom they are actually. It is not necessary to perceive parents as people whose tastes hopelessly became outdated or as those who are simply old. Choose gifts which will help them to keep good physical shape for parents. To her mother you can also put under a fir-tree the gift certificate in one of shops of cosmetics that she chose to herself a gift on the taste there. Learn from the girl about hobbies and a hobby of her father. Never a set of spinners, a good thermos, the navigator and other men's gadgets will be superfluous

2. Think of some exotic products or drinks which will be able to decorate a New Year's table. A small bottle of good, expensive champagne, cognac or whisky will decorate your holiday and will make its atmosphere easier. Bring fish and meat snack, cheeses. Let your girl will ask mother not to cook a set of intricate dishes. Long standing at a plate is capable to spoil expectation of a holiday to any woman. Your such care, for certain, will be appreciated.

3. If you – not students and means allow, then, maybe, there is a sense to reserve a table at one of restaurants of the city where there live her parents. In this case at them the occasion will leave the house, to have a rest and fun together with you. New Year's programs which are prepared at restaurants are designed for people of any age therefore it will not be boring for none of you.

4. Use this trip and a meeting of New Year with her parents as an occasion to recognize closer the girl. Her family, behavior model of her parents is and its idea of ideals of family life. Look narrowly at the relations of parents among themselves, you will be able to estimate as far as they correspond also to your idea of family relationship. While the getting is good, you will be able to understand what demands adjustment and what can and learn from them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team