How to change in the opinion of the girl

How to change in the opinion of the girl

Sometimes, having found the ideal girl, men face an unexpected problem: the young lady is beautiful, clever, cheerful, free, but at the same time does not wish to perceive the person in love with it as potential partner at all.


1. For a start it is worth understanding, how exactly you are perceived by the girl. Ways to achieve it a set. It is possible to have a talk with her friends or relatives, to study its reaction to you, to interpret any given signs of likes and dislikes. At last, you can just ask a question to her.

2. Having found out in what quality you are seen by the young lady (for example, as friend or brother, as interlocutor, the colleague, the fellow student in trousers), it is necessary to define her ideas of the man whom she would like to see near herself. You can take this information, for example, discussing with it literary or filmstars, mutual friends, relatives. If your darling is not closed in herself, then you easily will understand what qualities in men attract her. Perhaps, it will be existence of money, expensive car, force, mind, ability to be protected, an interesting hobby - anything.

3. In a similar way it is necessary to arrive also with negative qualities. Inability to prove the case, the slackness and passivity seldom attract to themselves girls. Try to find at yourself weak points and get rid of them. As for attractive lines from the previous point, they need to be developed. After all, for the sake of the beautiful girl it is possible to change work, to register in gym or library, to learn self-defense.

4. Unfortunately, one self-improvement it can appear insufficiently. It is necessary to position in a new way itself in the relations with the girl. Means that it is necessary to behave not as the friend or the colleague, and as the looking after man: to give flowers, to invite to appointments, to treat in cafe, to offer a hand. Generally, it is necessary to remind an object of your attention that your roles do not come down to two sexless friends, and are accurately differentiated: you the man, she is a woman, and her reactions have to be corresponding. Moreover, you should create constantly situations when this role distinction is the most noticeable, and imperceptibly to force it to make decisions. At sufficient patience and persistence the positive result is almost guaranteed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team