How to change opinion on itself

How to change opinion on itself

Each of us wants attention from those people who seem to us interesting. But not always this attention satisfies us, the opinion on us can be not only positive, but also negative. How to change opinion on itself to improve the relations with those who to us are important?


1. Actually, to make it not so simply, the person by the nature very seldom changes opinion on someone or on something and if it and happens, then, as a rule, happens to a scratch. Be ready to long changes from people around and do not demand from them instant understanding that you – at all not that for whom they take you.

2. That to change something, to important understand what pushes away in you people. Most likely, you made the wrong first impression, were at the best not, and even made nonsense. Accurately realize that you made not so.

3. Further it is worth remembering that people will not change the opinion on you if you convince them of what you good and remarkable, and they misunderstood you. You aggravate a situation if you pass to shout, a dispute and indignations. In this case, people around will take you for the madman and will prefer not to contact you more.

4. To change idea of itself, it is necessary not to speak about the qualities, and to show them in specific actions. The first impression about you also consisted of your acts, respectively, and it is necessary to change it not words. Prove in practice what you is for what to love and respect.

5. But you should not play. If the negative opinion on you to some extent is true, then you should not represent the hero only to be pleasant to people around. Begin to change, remove negative qualities from the character, and people will notice your changes and will estimate.

6. And the main thing – you do not hurry. You try, in every way make for some reason treat you as well as before. Nothing terrible, is known that it is more difficult to build, than to destroy. On change of opinion on you time and considerable can leave therefore be ready to it and patiently wait.

7. As a last resort, all this is necessary for you, but not other people. You, first of all, need to exchange, and the people surrounding you whose opinion is valuable to you, will surely see you from the real and positive side over time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team