How to charm former

How to charm former

The love is fine pure feeling. Lovers soar above the ground, without noticing anything. But as it is sad, the love can leave, having broken heart. The most desperate girls make up the mind to the most desperate step – a magic love spell of the former beloved.


1. Contrary to the general opinion, it is possible to conduct a love spell ceremony independently. The simplest and popular love spell is a love spell according to the photo. For the procedure the photo byvsheg and his name is necessary. Wrap the photo in a red rag together with a coin. The parcel should be wound with a red thread, to read a plot and to hide to the inaccessible place. It is necessary to read the following words: "Ded Coulec looked for my small knot, Looked for, looked for and only lost. Did not find anything yes it shook: Hands, legs do not bend, bones shiver. Veins play pranks, do not order to eat-drink. Let as the grandfather Kulek will be my piece of chalk. Without me - in jolting, with me - in dancing, Without me food - the orach, with me - is more sweet than some honey, Without me - the head hurts, light it is not visible, With me - the sun clear, affairs fine. Who will find a small knot, that perervt words, And before - my happiness! Amen".

2. Other popular plot is a love spell on a hairbrush. It is necessary to remove furtively from a hairbrush of the former beloved hair, to roll in a lump and to carry at itself until conceived does not come true.

3. It is possible to charm former by means of a plot on a towel. For this purpose it is necessary to take a new towel, to make so that only darling used it, then at once to hide, having read the following words: "Darling of a ruchenka washed, left marks on a towel. I will twirl a towel - to darling I will jam heart. The towel crude - darling's soul on me aches, to the Towel to dry - to darling to sigh for me. I will conceal a towel - I will stick darling to myself. The towel will not be untied - darling will show love to me".

4. One more option of a love spell is a plot on wine, milk or water, it is better sacred. In this case over a glass of drink bewitching words are read, then the beloved needs to suggest to drink liquid.

5. But you remember that a love spell – business responsible therefore it is necessary take it seriously.

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