How to check fidelity of the girlfriend

How to check fidelity of the girlfriend

Do you believe in female friendship? This question sometimes gains sarcastic implication. And how many jokes were composed about it. So really, whether there is it actually and how it is possible to check fidelity of the girlfriend?


1. Often you notice that the relations with the girlfriend developed remarkably till that time until you married, or bought to yourself a stylish fur coat, or got acquainted with the cool guy. What occurs? Why such long and firm friendship breaks up under the influence of these life situations?

2. To answer these questions, it is necessary to know female psychology. What gold character they would not have, but so is put that others wellbeing haunts them. Only there are women who understand this destroying feeling and try to hide it deeply in soul, not to pull out outside.

3. They can not envy the closest friend concerning her achievements or acquisitions. Or calm themselves comparisons supposedly that you have one, at them another. The different person has values. To someone the material comfort is closer, to someone sincere. If your girlfriend from this category, then the relation breaks nothing, your friendship continues.

4. And if the girl falls into rage upon each your new purchase, gives critical remarks concerning your next boyfriend, criticizes your advances in a learning of foreign languages, then an opposite case here. Means, she cannot hide envy and irritation concerning your progress. And here different options are possible.

5. Or the girlfriend will try to hide the envy, but you will notice how it changes in the person at each your word about the achievements. Therefore if you nevertheless accept such friendship, you will have to share in the future less with it the progress and the pleasant moments.

6. There can be such girlfriends whose envy will pour out in disgusting acts. They will try to quarrel you with the new friend, slandering on him different mucks, can tell about you bad stories to mutual friends. Therefore, think whether it is worth continuing such relations further. It is better to break off all threads of friendship with such imaginary girlfriend.

7. Well, and if your girlfriend can support you at any time, having learned about your problems, immediately will offer the help, will sincerely express you the opinion on any given your act, know, its attitude towards you deserves respect. Also protect such girlfriend.

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