How to check that you are a gay

How to check that you are a gay

Nonconventional orientation and same-sex relationships become more and more relevant phenomenon. Some people at teenage age note inclination and interest in persons of the floor, others carefully hide and do not realize the true orientation all life. Psychologists agree in opinion that it is extremely important to realize and accept orientation even if not approved in society. Because denial or doubts in it of the person, cause a set of complexes, psychological blocks and other problems.

There is a number of signs on which the person can check the assumptions when he doubts the validity of the orientation. Let's consider some of such signs.

The signs indicating homosexual orientation

For a start it is necessary to be defined whether the person feels attraction or interest in same-gender persons with him. Further it is necessary to give an assessment to inclination, namely to answer a question: "What type this inclination?" Distinguish emotional inclination and erotic inclination or sexual desire.

If the man shows sexual interest or excitement when viewing erotic images with persons of the floor, such inclination is called emotional. For example, the man likes to watch the commercials containing the homosexual scenes; he is excited by stories about intimate relationship of men, and he derives from it pleasure. However, as a rule, in everyday life the man does not advertize such hobbies and hides them. And often adheres to defiantly negative assessment in relation to homosexuals. This circumstance is explained by the fact that, denying such inclination, the brain of the man stores such information deeply in subconsciousness. So the homosexual inclination often is not realized by the person, in psychology such orientation carries the name of latent. The erotic inclination occurs when the man looks or reads erotic stories about same-sex sexual communications, and sees itself not the outsider, and represents or wishes to see itself in them the active participant of events. Also imaginations on erotic same-sex caress refer to homosexual inclination. Experience, for example the man's kiss with the man who causes pleasant emotions or excitement also consider homosexual inclination.

Ways of definition of sexual orientation

Having decided on type of same-sex inclination independently, it is necessary to receive independent result, for example, to pass anonymous test on the Internet. Today there are several versions of the tests defining tendency of the person to same-sex relationships. It is possible to pass such tests with the reservation that they will not yield exact result, and will only prompt the probability of homosexual orientation of the person. For obtaining reliable result and the help, it is necessary to address the specialist sexologist or the psychologist.

The reasons for which the man doubts the validity of the orientation

It should be notedIt should be noted that education sets to the person the direction in orientation. Because the example of parents forms future model of family and a men's example of behavior in the child. As single-parent families not the exception, but norm of modern society, often occurs so that the child the boy grows up under the care of mother and the grandmother. That is future man gets overwhelming female attention and experience. Is not an exception when at such order of education and growing without fatherly influence the man receives less the necessary experience and an example. Such experience it is necessary for training of character and emergence in it male lines. As a result, the boy grows up infantile, looks for the woman capable to sponsor him and to care, make important decisions, and not vice versa. Such man waits from the companion of the same acts and care that he received from mother in the childhood. In turn, the woman herself waits for heroism and courage from the man. It is difficult to present such union harmonious. Then the man begins to catch himself on a thought that he likes more resolute and independent women, and after a while he notices inclination to same-sex partners. To it with them it is comfortable, he receives the energy lacking it. The described situation in which the man finds erotic interest and inclination not only in an opposite sex is rather widespread.

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