How to check the husband for fidelity

How to check the husband for fidelity

Practically each woman begins to suspect the husband of unfaithfulness sooner or later. It is good when it turns out that it were only nothing unreasonable suspicions. If suddenly too began to seem to you that the husband behaves somehow strange, you do not hurry to bring him charges, be reasonable, at first make small investigation.


1. If in your head unpleasant thoughts crept in, begin to analyze a situation attentively. Think of the family life. You are happy in marriage? And your husband? If the harmony reigns in your house, your man hurries home from work, is not late anywhere and gives you each free minute of the life, to worry to you there is nothing.

2. But if suddenly your blessed begins to be late often at work, it is time to think of his fidelity. Track how many money he earns. If he allegedly works more, than it is necessary, but money at him for some reason becomes less - it is a serious reason for suspicions. Even you do not hurry to bring charges of such situation if it actually changes, your suspiciousness will make it only much more carefully.

3. Imperceptibly check its mobile phone. The entering and outgoing calls, messages, the telephone directory. If you find the suspicious message or a call from unknown number, call this number from some phone. Only not from the. Listen to a voice and interrupt communication. If the call is taken by the man, consider that you were lucky. If the woman responds to a call, cunning learn who is she and from where.

4. You watch his behavior. He sharply began to watch himself strongly? Began to visit gym? Became released from you? Get it together, perhaps, soon to you unpleasant secrets will be revealed.

5. To check whether your husband is capable of treason in general, begin to write it from others name. You can correspond with it on social network. Create the page of VKontakte, think up a name, put a beautiful avatar. It is possible to correspond also by means of phone. Pretend that you took its contacts from someone from his acquaintances or employees. Do not tell his name. Try to start acquaintance, to adjust communication. If he follows of you the tastes, invite him to an appointment. If the husband agrees, so he is capable to deceive you.

6. Anyway, do not panic before be convinced of unfaithfulness. And better at first think whether such investigation is necessary for you? If his conscience is crystal-clear, your suspicions can wound him very strongly. The mistrust can destroy any, even the strongest family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team