How to check the mobile phone of the wife

How to check the mobile phone of the wife

When in family there is no trust, all methods of mutual checks on fidelity are used. It is possible to find all most classified information in phones, laptops, a bag, clothes pockets.

Basic rules of viewing someone else's phone

To avoid scandals and reproaches, it is necessary to look through personal belongings unknown to their owner. It is necessary to wait the moment when the wife loses vigilance and will leave the phone in a visible place. Otherwise it is necessary to spend time for search of the means of communication. If phone lay in a bag, then silently and completely to take it from there not always it turns out. It is necessary to think over the plan of the actions in advance that quickly and debugged to check everything and not to miss trifles. Before picking up phone, it is necessary to remember as it lay, otherwise secret operation will not turn out.

The password - the first barrier

The first barrier which can meet is a password. It can be peeped when the wife blocks phone. The most difficult ways: to find the special program for breaking, to look for different ways to reach the menu on the Internet.

Access to personal account

Interesting information can be stored in the accepted, outgoing messages and draft copies. It is necessary to look through correspondence with all contacts as they are not always written down under real names. Will interest still the list of calls. If all this information is erased, means to the wife is what to hide. But also here it is possible to find a hole. While there is an access to phone, it is possible to catch the password for logging into the personal account of mobile network operator. This will give huge advantage. Since then it will be possible to trace all calls and messages arriving and proceeding from this number. As the login for logging into the personal account there will be a phone number, and here the new password can be received by SMS. It is necessary to visit the official site of mobile network operator, to find the Private office tab, to enter the phone number and to use service "To recover the password", on phone the message will come with the new password. In a private office it is possible to write out the printout of calls, to watch an expense of means, to look through the arrived MMS of the message.

What needs to be checked

The list of contacts can give certain information on the wife's environment too. It is necessary to select all suspicious persons, to write off their phone numbers, further to call. It is necessary to see an organizer in phone: put notes, draft copies, the list. If from phone it is possible to go on-line, and the wife uses the present possibility, then and in this information it is possible "to rummage". The list of laying of the browser and history of the visited sites will interest here. History will show: what the wife what sites she visits whose pages she on social network often visits what search queries she drives in is interested in. In bookmarks, as a rule, there are addresses of the sites which the wife often visits and kept them for fast access. For a full picture it is necessary to check all catalog of folders in phone and their contents.

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