How to check, the woman loves or not

How to check, the woman loves or not

Often after the long relations with the girl many guys begin to doubt reciprocal feelings of the half. There is a wish to check somehow: whether the woman or already not loves you? For this purpose attentively look narrowly at the lady and her behavior.

1. The loving woman completely trusts the darling. Also trusts not only in words, but also in affairs. Does not hold from you any secrets, completely tells about the meetings and new friendly acquaintances to men. If it is registered on some social networks, can entrust you logins and passwords from the accounts, from e-mail, from Skype and "ICQ". If you ask it on her ex-boyfriends and the relations with them, it will tell everything. Except for, of course, most intimate moments.

2. Ask her on what she sees the future. And you will see whether she is going to build it with you or without you. The loving woman does not suppress the fact or the content of her phone call irrespective of who calls her. And in case you ask its personal mobile device, freely will give it. If your half really loves you, she to you will not lie. So if sometime you learn that your half went to a pleasure action without you, it will be a serious signal of its feelings. Or rather, about their absence.

3. Observe how often your half concerns you. For the loving women, as well as for the loving men, it is very important to concern an object of the adoration as often as possible. Fleeting, unconscious contacts are especially important. It means that its feelings to you are still rather strong. Also with what pleasure it to treat to various contacts of ph. embraces, simple touches of hands, kisses is important.

4. Pay attention whether tenderly she talks to you. Even in a drunk state the loving woman will not tell bad words or insults to the darling. Also sure sign of her love for you – the aspiration of the lady to make for you something pleasant, to please you, the aspiration to be pleasant to you. For example, she easily can suit you a surprise, with own hand prepare something tasty, do that hair or put on that dress which to be pleasant to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team