How to choose a pet for family

How to choose a pet for family

If the family decided to get a pet, but cannot decide on the choice of an animal, a practical advice will help.


1. It is necessary to choose a pet proceeding from character, a way of life of family and features in habits. Therefore on family council it is necessary to discuss possible options, all pros and cons and also personal preferences of all family members.

2. If you want to get an animal appeasable as a soft house toy, then it is worth paying attention to dogs of dwarfish breeds. Such dogs very tender, they easily will become favourites of all family members. They do not demand difficult leaving and large portions of feeding. Dogs of large breeds and freedom-loving cats will not be able to play a role of house toys therefore choose accurately.

3. If your family got used to lead enough active lifestyle, family members play sports, get out together to outdoor recreation, it is possible to get safely a dog of large breeds who will become the full member of family her defender. Dogs need to move much therefore it with pleasure will always accompany you on all your sorties. It is necessary to get dogs of large breed if in the house there is enough place, and it is better to build the certain enclosure for an animal.

4. The cat will become a beautiful pet for people not of persons interested, or not having an opportunity to pay much attention to an animal. Depending on breed and temper, cats can be playful and quiet, moderately varnish. House you will be always waited by a soft and warm being who will please and calm the owner after the unlucky working day. To get cats in family where there are children, follows carefully. Small children can inaccurately treat animals, and cats with freedom-loving temper, can wound the child with claws, or bite.

5. If the schedule in family especially rigid is also not present an opportunity to devote much time to a pet as option it is possible to get various rodents, birds, small fishes. It is good to get such animals for children who are already capable to look after them. It will help to cultivate sense of responsibility, ability to carry out the duties with the child, the child to learn to love and care for other living being.

6. To fans of exotic animals, it is necessary to be careful with the choice as many animals, especially reptiles, are a carrier of various infections, it can be dangerous to children. The danger is constituted also by various large insects.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team