How to choose between the husband and the lover

How to choose between the husband and the lover

When the woman has to be broken off between two men, sooner or later there comes the difficult moment of the choice. On the one hand, she got used to the husband, and it grieves it to wound him, with another – her new beloved so beautifully looks after that it is impossible to resist. To make the right decision, it is necessary to consider a situation in all its aspects.


1. Take the fact that it is infinitely impossible to conduct a double life for an axiom. Do not create illusions concerning men: sooner or later the husband learns about the lover, plead guilty better. It is necessary to understand this situation all the same. Make so that it developed in your advantage.

2. Decide for yourself that you most of all appreciate in the relations. The new man is always attractive, but whether he suits for the long relations? The flame of passion will gradually die away whether you are ready to creation of new family in which there will be not only pleasures, but also problems?

3. Sort out, than the lover subdued you. Perhaps, you fell in its embraces because were tired of a routine of family life. But crises happen even in the most successful families. Whether it is worth changing homeliness for doubtful pleasures of the secret relations?

4. Think what holds you near the husband. Perhaps, just habit. The love left, the relations frankly deteriorated, you were tired to pull on yourself all cargo of family problems? Tell about it to the partner in life. If you are dear to it, he just will not allow you to be unfortunate. And maybe, will also hold from an abandoning the family.

5. If you have children, think of their interests. Perhaps, your husband is by nature philoprogenitive, but not all men are allocated with such qualities. Take an interest at the beloved whether he is ready to care for your children. This question will help to clear also its intentions in your relation.

6. Consider material aspect of a question. The divorce to all other can put you in difficult monetary situation, consider such option of succession of events. The lover, generous on gifts, is not always enraptured with the fact that the woman appears completely on his contents.

7. And still the best adviser in so ticklish choice – love. It is difficult to confuse this feeling with something other. The most successful course – to remain with the man whom you love really. Follow commands of the heart, then any difficult question will not nonplus you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team