How to choose from two guys of one

How to choose from two guys of one

Familiar situation, as in the old song where the girl asks "a ryabinushka to prompt to heart which of two guys – its destiny. If your heart cannot decide how to choose from two guys of one, it is necessary to address mind. Psychologists advise to imagine long joint life with each of them.


1. Least of all be under a delusion with beauty and charm. Very often "cuties are whimsical egoists. And you want that you were loved, but were not used.

2. First of all, try to check guys for sincerity. Because to speak about love and to love – different things. The loving person with bigger pleasure gives, than takes. That is, if the guy is capable to offer something for the sake of you, it is plus in its advantage. And if he tries to do everything as it is easier and more convenient to it, and you, according to him, have to agree only joyfully, it is obvious minus.

3. If you are unfamiliar with parents of the boyfriends then provoke guys to the story about them. From the information about family of the person it is possible to gather information and on him. For example, the father of your guy the beautiful father, is respectful to the wife also love Perfectly! There is a chance, as the son same. And if the young man in family has a rigid patriarchy, the father is not indifferent to alcohol moreover, God forbid, likes "to take a walk on the party, you should think whether it is worth risking. Though happens that the son who is sincerely loving mother and all life observing the father's tricks, gains resistant immunity to such way of life.

4. If from behavior of your guy it becomes clear that he is an obedient mother's sonny, got used that for it mother solves everything, and mother just and everything seeks to solve for the son, then it is quite possible that she will do it and when the son has the family. It is unlikely it will be pleasant to you.

5. Once you think also such aspect, mutual tolerance. All people have features in character and behavior. They say that women marry those men whose shortcomings they can suffer. Some women with ease can live side by side with the man who, being able to earn on family, did not hammer at the same time any nail independently. Others for "the hands growing not from that place are ready to kill. The women who got used to an ideal order in the house usually are hardly reconciled with the socks thrown anywhere.

6. Compare merits and demerits of guys who try to obtain your attention, and make the choice. But do not forget to listen at the same time and to the intuition – it can sometimes prompt how to choose from two guys of one, that only thing which is necessary to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team