How to choose the partner in astrology

How to choose the partner in astrology

Choosing the partner in astrology, you will insure yourself from fatal mistakes, from great disappointments and problems. According to astrological systems, there are positive aspects between some groups people. These aspects guarantee if not absolute happiness in family then compatibility of characters and temperaments.

When you choose the partner in astrology, first of all look at your age difference. According to eminent astrologers, for example, Vadim Lyovin, the best difference will be one year or eight years. Such aspect guarantees in many respects the strong, long relations. 

If you love the person who younger or is more senior than you on other interval of time, look at its zodiac sign. The happy relations on astrology will be in case your zodiac elements are water earth or fire-air. Let's say you are Fishes - elements of water. Means, you will suit partners of terrestrial elements: Capricorns, Tauruses and Maidens. And if you Lev (elements of fire), then look narrowly at air signs: To twins, Scales and Aquarius.

Signs of one elements are also not bad compatible karmic. The Taurus can be long happy with the Maiden, and Aquarius with Scales. However, as experts note, in such union there is not enough passion and fire. But there can be right, sensitive relations based on similarity of outlooks.

Choosing the partner in astrology, avoid a combination of two close signs. For example, you Aries. You will suit a little the Taurus and Fishes who are most close to Oven on a zodiac circle. If the union takes place, the probability of mutual misunderstanding is quite high. 

Besides, if you choose the partner in astrology, pay attention to a concept of types. There is also it: the person was born under the sign of Cancer, and behaves as typical Twins: it is sociable, easy on rise, is greedy to information, it is always cheerful and so forth. Here it is possible to assume that several important planets in its personal horoscope are connected with elements of air. Therefore quite often atypical Cancers, Capricorns, Scales meet...

The happy relations on astrology are possible if the type of your elect (darling) is compatible to your personal type. You can be on the Zodiac Fishes, but feel more as the Taurus. Then you will suit men with a type of water and terrestrial signs.

At the same time always listen to the heart. What's the use to build the relations with ideal on astrology for you the man if the manner to use foul language or untidiness pushes away him? And happens, astrological compatibility fine, but people irritate each other. Therefore astrology is important, but also your feelings need attention without fail.

You seek to conclude the alliance when these two factors are considered: your warm inclination and astrological coincidence. By the way, in old times our ancestors and did. And marriages then were strong, for the rest of life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team