How to choose the tablet for study?

How to choose the tablet for study?

tablet — convenient, and, above all compact means for work. Today they become even more popular, forcing out the predecessors: less convenient personal computers and less compact laptops.

To buy something good that for a long time, so we got used, but it does not concern gadgets because having bought the newest model of the tablet in half a year today will look at it as on the old woman. The release of new gadgets gathers turns at the speed of light, and very quickly there are models which possess more powerful functions. They look brighter, have more convenient size and are filled with new svezheizobretenny technologies.

But even it is possible to choose today such tablet which will serve to you long time. How to choose it? It is necessary to define accurately for itself why you need the tablet what functions it has to execute for what you will use it?

If the tablet interests you only as a toy — here everything is simple. You choose the newest and most fancy tablet which is adapted to work long in any conditions. That is you have to are interested first of all the battery and graphics.

If you choose the tablet for study then a few other priorities. You need to pay attention to a possibility of uninterrupted Internet surfing and speed of the gadget. Tablets the having following characteristics which are released in 2014 will cope with such loadings without problems: the processor — 4 kernels, random access memory — 1 GB (at least with a stock on the future).

If you are not interested in equipment innovations, and it is just necessary for you that your device served to you as long as possible then important quality of assembly and materials of which the tablet is manufactured. The metal casing — is the best of all because will protect the screen and the gadget at blow. Of course today the majority of models of plastic, but nevertheless if it is good to look you will find something standing with the metal casing.

One more important moment — safety for health of human who uses the device. It is clear, that to limit time spent behind work with the gadget, the school student or the student will be almost impossible. Therefore it is worth choosing such tablet which will affect minimum health of the pupil. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the next moments:

  1. screen. The best screens those which are executed with use of an IPS matrix. The point is that the IPS display has higher level of contrast and transfers shades of the highest accuracy, than cheaper and respectively less qualitative TN-displays. Moreover in such display a viewing angle — is wider, so it will not be necessary to look narrowly. Such screen is smart not only for work, but also for viewing video of files or games.
  2. Material of which the case is made. If the building plastic, it does not have a caustic smell. It is peculiar only to cheap types of plastic. If the case metal — it does not be deformed when pressing by a finger. Quality metal quite firm.

As for money. The good tablet costs a lot of money today. Especially as with the child it is very difficult, he for certain will want same fancy, as at Kolya, Petya, Vasya or same popular as that which he sees constantly in advertizing. And how here to refuse to the child? The tablet is really useful thing at school.

There are several methods to save in that case. The first — the Chinese version of such device. In appearance same. Here in general nobody warrants only for quality of materials and quality — in it actually and there are all minuses of economy of this kind. The second — to buy the tablet of other brand which is checked. The fact is that there are many brands which on design is copied by the most popular (Apple for example), but they are much cheaper. An economy essence here that covers and the real tablets accessories quite will suit their copies, and under such clothes it will be almost impossible to notice substitution.

And again asking itself a question: for what to you the tablet, it is necessary to study its functionality. Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi — a standard set of functions of the devices filling today's. But each function should be checked before purchase, especially GPS.

So here the short plan for this purpose as it is correct to you to choose the tablet:

  1. We solve for ourselves: what purpose of purchase.
  2. Follows from the first point with what function the tablet has to possess.
  3. We decide how many we are ready to spend.
  4. We choose the screen/material satisfying us.
  5. We decide on the operating system.
  6. We look through accessories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team