How to choose year of a wedding

How to choose year of a wedding

The wedding is very important and significant event in life of the people loving each other. Many think not only of the choice of dresses, venues, the menu very much, but also dates of a wedding as they consider that the wedding held in a certain day, month or year can promise or long and happy life, or quarrels and the conflicts in family.


1. In what month it is better to marry? In January the marriage is not recommended as say that to marry in January - early to be a widow (widower). February is considered favorable month for marriage which promises consent and trust between spousesof in marriage. Got married in March, foretells moving of the spouse on the foreign country. The marriage in April will not bring to spouses happiness. In May to marry - ""to toil"" all life. June is ideal month for marriage. He promises long, happy and carefree life. Braque imprisoned in July will endure both happy, and sad times. The marriage in August foretells the loving and quiet husband during all family life. If you dream of the long and indestructible union, then it is worth marrying in with September. If you plan a wedding in October, do not wait for easy and carefree life. December - the best time for a marriage. You will be love the friend all life.

2. What day of the week to choose for a marriage? Astrologers consider what to choose day for a marriage, it is necessary surely comparing day of the week on which to fall a birthday this year. So, if in a year of a wedding, a birthday dropped out on Monday, then and it is better to do a wedding on Monday. If Tuesday, then a wedding in this day of the week it is better not to plan, the life will be very stormy and heavy. Wednesday, it means that it is necessary to think of correctness of the choice of the elect. Thursday - successful day for marriage. Family life will be happy and long. Marriage on Friday promises to spouses happiness in intimate life and success in business. On Saturday it is possible to plan a wedding that who for the sake of family happiness is ready to offer career and personal hobbies. Sunday is very successful day for marriage. Spouses will be for each other inspiration sources all the life.

3. What day for marriage does the moon advise? Lunar days adverse for marriage: 3,4,5,8,9,12,13,14,19 and 20. For a marriage 6,10,11,15,17,21,26 and 27 lunar days are considered as ideal.

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