How to communicate with mother's darling

How to communicate with mother's darling

In the relations with mother's darling it is very important to learn to communicate correctly. Having picked up to him approach, it is possible to start a strong family and to limit influence of his mother.


1. At first it is necessary to build up trusting relationship with his mother. Try to make an impression on her, to cajole gifts and whenever possible not to interfere with her communication with the son. At the difficult moments it is better to keep silent, ignore or concede in a dispute to preserve the peace in family. But do not try to be at enmity with it or to put to the husband the ultimatum, he will always support mother.

2. Do not try to compete with his mother. If the husband speaks "my mother does it in a different way", quietly answer "and I do it so". Any aggression, just stop to compete with it. Over time he will get used to your dishes, habits and will cease to compare in everything you.

3. Carefully you watch for by the own words. It is necessary to communicate with mother's darling carefully, without wounding his self-esteem and love for mother. Do not state a claim concerning its close communication with mother because he does not see it. They do not notice it in the relations therefore your words will be apprehended as insults.

4. Lift its self-assessment and develop independence. A frequent problem at mother's darlings – infantilism. They are afraid to make own decisions so you need to feed his confidence. Address it for council, the help and you praise for all his merits. Let know that for you he is a real man, and he will want to become it.

5. Be interested in his opinion. Ask on his thoughts, desires, views of the future and daily questions. Do it alone that he could not consult with mother. At such moments you will be able to learn its true aspirations, and further to use this knowledge.

6. Do not live with his parents at all. The best option is to go to other city or the country to communicate with the mother-in-law only by phone. The spouse will grieve, every day to call, but over time can become the normal husband. If there is no opportunity to run away so far, it is possible to choose a living space in other part of the city. The two-hour trip will help to keep her from frequent visits.

7. Establish rules in the relations. Develop the code of laws which in your family will not be violated. For example, if you or your children are ill, it should not leave to the mother. All important decisions are made by you two, without intervention of the third parties. It is not necessary to think out too many restrictions not to frighten it, but capture highlights. So to you will be quieter and you will have an opportunity to start a strong happy family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team