How to communicate with the vulnerable person

How to communicate with the vulnerable person

Some people take everything too very much to heart therefore if you want to communicate close with them, you have to understand that to them it is necessary to find special approach.


1. Vulnerable people have hypersensibility of mentality. They treat many things too seriously. Psychologists differently characterize similar people. Someone considers them weak-willed and flabby, not capable to stand for himself, and someone connects such behavior with a huge stock of vital forces. Anyway, the attitude towards such people has to be special.

2. Communicating with the vulnerable person, you have to be accurately at loss for words and expressions not to hurt it. You should not speak his behavior, work or any things which concern it negatively at all. If you are dissatisfied with something, try to inform of it the vulnerable person, using the most neutral expressions. Instead of telling him: "You badly performed the work. Your mistake consists in...", you can say: "You, of course, tried and perfectly coped with a task, but I would like to see in your work also...".

3. Remember that vulnerable people are not able to perceive jokes therefore you should not dare to release causticities in its address. If it after all happened, just sincerely ask forgiveness and promise that it any more will never repeat. Vulnerable people, though are very sensitive, but after all are easily appeased.

4. Besides, vulnerable people sometimes worry because people show not enough attention to their person. If you do not notice them, and are keen on a conversation with someone another, such people begin to feel useless and worthless. Try to avoid ignoring of the friends who have too sensitive nature. You have to let them know that they are necessary and important for you. If it is impossible to make it, explain to the person that he should not feel as the center of the Universe and expect from others that it will be carried on hands.

5. If you do not want to be reconciled with the fact that the person is very vulnerable, you can help him to overcome this difficulty. Try to inspire self-confidence in the acquaintance, point out to him strengths of his character. You praise it for various achievements and progress more often and softly you treat failures, support him in any undertakings. Inform the person that he should not take everything too very much to heart and worry because of any nonsense. In life to him different people will meet, and not all will tactfully behave therefore it is necessary to struggle with excessive sensitivity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team