How to congratulate the girlfriend since February 14

How to congratulate the girlfriend since February 14

Not so long ago in our country on February 14 every year began to celebrate St. Valentine's Day. This wonderful holiday is devoted to the greatest feeling - love. Usually this day even those men who far do not differ in sentimentality try to please the soulmates, having given them surprises.

Many men have no good imagination therefore they should think well how to congratulate the girlfriend since February 14. It is possible to think up a lot of things therefore only the young man without inspiration and a creative will get off with a small bouquet of banal roses.

Original congratulations since February 14

After all without flowers, but it is necessary to hand them anywhere though it is a little unusual. For example, it is possible to present chocolate to the little girl and to ask it to present to your beloved with words in the spirit of "He very much loves you". If your half adores children, she will precisely be delighted!

For owners of good sense of humour it is possible to prepare original or amusing Valentine's Day cards with ridiculous congratulations. It is absolutely optional to buy them in shop, it is even undesirable. The coldest woman will incredibly be touched to the gift from the man made with own hands. "the travel to the past" can become very lovely and unusual gift. Tie with a scarf it eyes, put in the car and bring to the place of your acquaintance. Together remember how it was, laugh and go further. It is possible to think up many points of your route. The place where you for the first time kissed where there was your first appointment where met dawn... The proposal in new to you and the most beautiful place would become ideal end of such day! Preparation of its favourite dish will seem to quite lovely many ladies even if the result is far from an ideal. It is possible to present it together with reading the poem of own composition or at least found in the Internet. If it is called also from unfamiliar numbers and will tell about your touching attitude towards her when she eats turned out, to her happiness there will be no limit. Such gift for the girl for the St. Valentine's Day - the fairy tale!

If you live together

Can seem to some that to wish happy Valentine's day the girl with whom you together live, much more difficult. Not a bit! Try to wake up before it and write a congratulation on a mirror or a window, then bring in bed darling a breakfast or at least a cup of coffee. Wake her we will kiss, take on hands and twist, showing the joy that you have it! Then you can send it the letter to e-mail or the statement on social network in which will be said about what were your emotions at the first meeting and what they now. You will be able to fill with magic evening, having presented to darling a beautiful box or to bank with filling in the form of 365 notes declarations of love. It can even become tradition that from February 14 to February 14 your half could get daily from a jar the new message from you with the words of love.

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