How to connect the person

How to connect the person

It is possible to connect the person not only for safety. Restriction of motive freedom expands a framework of sexual perception. If the thought of binding excites you, and there is no experience, use the offered ordinary technicians.

It is required to you

  • - rope, cotton, thick, elastic, not less than 1.5 m
  • - kapron tights, soft, always near at hand
  • - leather belts, strong fix, but it is possible to press vessels
  • - silk scarf
  • - the adhesive tape, special not to injure skin


1. It is possible to diversify sexual life differently. To apply toys, role-playing games or to look thrills, holding down the partner. The connected woman feels at the same time "freedom", liberation that not she is responsible for pleasure. Often an orgasm more intensive and bright when you apply binding. This some kind of art which is studied for years. It is possible to connect both separate parts of a body, and completely all person. The sequence of receptions coincides with sequence of process of deprivation of mobility.

2. Ruki1. Fold a rope double, pass the free ends throughout an eyelet (rope bend).2. Pass hands throughout the turned-out loop and tighten. Part the ends in the parties of Fig. 7 (if you tie hands behind the back enough to wrap up the ends around a rope and to make knot).3. Wind hands densely (on and against an hour arrow with the free ends respectively), a row to a row. The more you will make rounds, the it will be more difficult to move hands.4. Now cross the ends (form a parallel with hands) and wind already a rope between wrists, just as hand.5. Through several rounds tie the ends from the back. There is one more way to quickly tie hands of the person and even to tie him to something.

3. Soft handcuffs from verevki1. Put a rope on a hand and wind index and big fingers clockwise and against an hour arrow respectively. Rice 1.2. Connect fingers and displace rounds. Rice 2.3. Pass the ends of a rope throughout the turned-out hole. Each tip in return. Rice 3 and 4.4. Handcuff and tighten strings. Council: do not use a thin rope, take a soft scarf for such fixing.

4. To tie LoktiMozhno as well as hands, or begin with the 3rd point at once, that is at once wind hands. The elbows as a result, the better will be closer. Consider pain of the partner.

5. Knees (more precisely, above them on 5 cm) 1. Pass a rope under knees, cross the ends, tighten. 2. Make several rounds around knees.3. Cross the ends and wind a hank from rounds. Tie.

6. Shchikolotki1. Cross the partner's legs. So you deprive of him an opportunity to move somehow. 2. Wind ankles with a rope, having made 2-3 hank.3. Now twist with each end legs in an eight form. The possibility of the partner to return legs to a parallel state.4 depends on density of knitting. Cross the ends and make knot. Now do everything that was conceived with the partner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team