How to console the person of the lost close?

How to console the person of the lost close?

Many people, having faced others grief, want to console the person somehow. As it is necessary to behave and what to tell really to support in a grief and to help to endure a shock, will tell our article.

How it is possible to console the person?

First of all, it is necessary to show keenness and understanding. The best help is that which the person needs. It is important to understand that most of all is necessary: informal conversation, rest, presence or help with economy. It is necessary to understand how to console in the words of the person, and to realize that some phrases can not facilitate a state grieving, and make it even worse. Comparisons are inappropriate, and words "otmuchatsya", "there it will be better", "and someone died at earlier age", etc. For each person the grief is a concept individual therefore it is impossible to determine by comparisons loss value at all. It is inappropriate in such situation to say that after a while everything will get better and the person will begin a new life. To him badly here and now, and, so a talk about bright future can provoke fit of anger only.

To understand how to console the person who lost close, it is necessary to adjust itself correctly. Only coincidence of requirements grieving and understanding of these requirements, from consoling, will bring benefit. The help needs to be offered correctly. Instead of a question: "Than I can help you?", it is better to ask: "Do you need products?", "Let me sit with children", etc. It is worth offering what you can really make.

You should not leave grieving one. Even if you cannot be together with it, it is necessary to provide effect of presence at least by means of phone calls. Instead of the questions "How Are You Doing?", "How Are You?" should take an interest whether the person could eat today, whether he cried today and others. It is necessary to be the attentive listener and not to kill grieving, to give it the chance to express.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team