How to construct trusting relationship in family

How to construct trusting relationship in family

Creation of trust and mutual understanding in family is a fundamental element in achievement of harmony, creation of the cozy and comfortable environment for two without infringement of interests someone one. The ability to feel, trust, to understand - here to what is necessary aspires on a way to happiness.

When people begin to build the family relations, the main thing that has to be present at them is a trust, mutual understanding and love! But making a start from the previous relations with people anybody have no 100% guarantee that it is possible to trust in the soulmate completely. Someone though in life brought once his trust on which so often count.

 But it is very important to construct trusting relationship, without trust – there will be no quiet life to anybody. How to leave this vicious circle? First of all, it is necessary to make a start from the correct subconsciousness of the person and as he is adjusted to work on the thoughts. If one half constantly exasperates other person with the claims and mistrust, he pushes the person to an unjustified act. The less trusts one, the more nonsenses do the second. To it bothers to listen to everything discontent and nothing the confirmed claims. The negative power is transferred to it owing to what, to it to become better to spend time with someone else, than to listen to reproaches in the address. Therefore if one half does not want to lose the darling, it is necessary to do everything in order that to he (she) it was comfortable with this person.

It is necessary to cope with the uncertainty. The more the person appreciates himself, the less to him in the head bad thoughts climb that someone can bring and deceive him.

 Still, judging by the facts when people completely trust each other, at them is much in common – hardly the soulmate will be ready to lose this comfort for the sake of unnecessary deception.

 It is very useful to enter some novelty into the relations. There are couples which lived many years together. Everything, it seems, went well, to both was comfortable and cozy, but there was such feeling that any sharpness is not enough already. For this purpose it is necessary to diversify the routine life. For example, it is possible to go to have a rest together somewhere or to give romantic party. Men love when they play with them, arrange role-playing games. Women have to be a little mysterious, and every time to open before the beloved in a new way.

 It is necessary to put conditions each other less. The more reproaches, the more there is a wish to get rid of them. It is necessary to comprehend for himself that though all claims and will be stated, the person will not change any more, the trust will not be shown from anywhere. Or one half trusts another, or has to reconcile to desires of the soulmate, or it is better to disperse in general not to anger each other. People can exchange for the sake of other person only when they love him to distraction.

 What follows from that it is easier to cause love of the person that to him it was cozy only with you and he did not want any deception. It can be done even in such primitive way how just to divide with it all his hobbies. Never to shout and not to swear. Everything that does not suit you, needs to be discussed quietly and with trustworthy tone.

 Of course, there will be few all these councils if between people there is no special spark and desire to build the relations together, to work on them daily.

And still, the basic principle of the happy relations – at first it is necessary to think of the half, then of you together, and in the last turn already of himself. If the soulmate thinks also, then the ideal family relations wait for such people!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team