How to continue acquaintance

How to continue acquaintance

If after the first meeting you like to continue acquaintance, and your elect does not show interest, perhaps, he just did not make out you. You can take business in hand, however try to avoid some widespread mistakes.


1. The standard standards of behavior impose different requirements to the man and the woman. If you are a man, then the lady will wait for an initiative from you. Usually the woman will manage to let know that not against acquaintance continuation. However the restraint of your interlocutor can speak her modesty and shyness, but not the fact that you were not pleasant. If you hesitate to invite the lady just to an appointment, look for a plausible excuse for a meeting. Perhaps, she mentioned some household difficulties – offer her the help. You can pretend, on the contrary, that you need the help of the girl - for example, consultation on treatment of a favourite cat who became some gloomy.

2. If you discussed an interesting subject, ask for it a contact information – the phone number or ICQ, a nickname in Skype to specify some data. If you made a pleasant impression on the girl, she will not refuse this request. After remote communication it will be easier to agree about a new meeting.

3. The girl should be resourceful to continue acquaintance to the elect if he does not show an initiative. If you have mutual friends, ask that they helped to arrange a casual meeting. In personal contact let know how to you the opinion of such competent person in various questions is important.

4. The justified request for the help will give a pretext for a new meeting. If you have a car, try "to break" it near work or the house of the elect, and then call it and ask about the urgent help, surely having been sorry to bother you. In acknowledgement of the help you can invite him in cafe.

5. Men differently treat initiative women: someone is flattered by the enhanced attention, and someone loses interest in an easy mark. Therefore observe a measure, do not try to force events too. Internet communication will help you to continue acquaintance, without becoming too persuasive.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team