How to continue the first appointment at the girl of the house

How to continue the first appointment at the girl of the house

If you went for the first time on a date with the girl, you have to behave correctly in order that your meeting came to the end in a cozy and house situation of its apartment.

To continue the first appointment at the girl of the house, for a start you have to make an indelible impression on her.

Remember that it is impossible to be late for a meeting with the woman at all. It is better to leave the house in advance and to go to the appointed place, to wait for it there some time, than not to be in time in time. Also do not forget about a small bouquet of flowers which will surely please your future soulmate.

Before starting talking to the lady, try to calm down and bring breath to the normal state. You have to seem to the girl the lovely, sociable and affable young man. Be not too energetic. Your conversation has to proceed in a friendly form, otherwise you can frighten the woman the persistence.

You should not worry too concerning about what you will talk on the first appointment. The set exists that for conversations, just begin to tell the girl about the hobbies, she will surely continue, and then you will already automatically find a common ground. Do not let loose a hands at all. Do not dare to touch the lady in intimate places. For a waist and kisses it is better to refuse embraces. You can hold it by a hand and touch her wrists.

After you spend joint evening, surely take the girl home. If she decided to take a cab, do not leave her one, and offer maintenance. When you appear near its door, remember about what you talked on an appointment. Perhaps, you discussed some movie? Ask it to show you this picture or suggest to download cinema on the Internet and to look at it together. Besides, you can come to it into the house under the pretext of the fact that it is very necessary for you in a toilet. If such pretext seems to you inappropriate, just hint the lady that you do not want to finish so quickly pleasant evening and would not refuse a cup of hot coffee. If you manage to make an impression on the woman, most likely, she will invite you on a visit. When you enter its apartment, behave modestly and adequately. You watch signals which will be given to you by the girl. If she settles down near you, only then you can pass to more serious actions and try to kiss the passion.

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